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VCI Exports: Women’s Fashion Trends Made for USA Are you an established fashion label, a new start-up in this domain? Maybe you are looking for a reputed, dedicated sustainable clothing manufacturer? Either way, this blog will help you take your business ( online and offline ) to the next level. The million dollar question is how? [...]
Indian block prints are a century-old fabric designing technique that has graced linen, silk, cotton, and other textiles. Hand block prints in limited, slow fashion runs have high value across the globe. There are several reasons why designers opt for this Indian print style for seasonal wardrobes. Variety Hand block printed fashion comes in all [...]
The focus of the 21st century is Organic-ness. Customers today are informed, aware, and ‘conscious.’  There is an increased demand for going natural. Nature and human beings have an interdependent relationship. Human beings owe their entire existence to nature; thus, by going green, we can add our part to maintain this relationship. LET’S GO GREEN- [...]
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