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Not many are aware that fast fashion is the second most polluting industry after oil. Here are some staggering numbers. More than 100 billion garments are produced across the globe. Surprisingly, not all products are sold. They are disposed off at a hefty discount to third world which is already reeling under discarded textiles. It [...]
Environment-friendly fashion has become prevalent in recent years, with the dynamicity of the evolving apparel trends. But, it is still a long way from countering the harm committed to the environment by unsustainable fashion industry practices. If one takes UN’s COP26 mandates seriously, businesses must immediately adopt or update their sustainable fashion practices. How is Sustainable Fashion [...]
Ethical fashion and sustainable fashion are synonymous terms, which are used interchangeably. Despite using these terms interchangeably, it can confuse consumers. Only the savviest, meticulous, sustainable, and ethical clothing manufacturers insist on distinguishing between the two fashion types. Understanding the difference between these two options is essential to help environment-conscious textile consumers make more intelligent purchases. [...]
The sustainable clothing industry has to continuously innovate to be at par with the world of artificially manufactured textiles. Sustainable cotton garments have become the staple clothing accessory for the masses and the classes. There is another reason to rejoice, organic textile manufacturers are introducing innovative sustainable fabrics to influence couture trends in the coming years. As [...]
VCI brings us the most sustainable, evergreen, and comfortable garments which last longer without losing their shape and Color. Our process of making garments is absolutely cruelty-free. We have been witnessing our society’s obsession with consumption and the constant need for more. There is so much pressure to keep up with the never-ending changing trends [...]
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