Men's Wear

Ready-to-wear VCI offers various options in men's clothing across the following categories:

Casual Wear :-

Casual wear is suitable for leisure and informal occasions. Examples include T-shirts, shirts, pants, shorts, hoodies, etc.

Sports Wear :-

The clothing is inspired by sports entertainment, we are expertise including jogging pants, basketball T-shirts, shorts, etc.

It's a cross between activewear and loungewear. Items like Sneakers, joggers, and oversized shirts are just a few examples.

Formal Wear −

The clothes worn on formal occasions or in offices come under this section. Formal wear consists of trousers, shirts, and jackets.

Sleepwear -

Clothing with sustainable tags will make great sleepers. VCI offers sleepwear items like boxers, pajama sets, t-shirts, etc in 100% gots certified cotton.

Manufacturers’ men's apparel in large quantities make it widely available and ensure that it's trendy.

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