Luxury/Resort Wear

Are you looking for one of the best wholesale resort wear distributors in India to come up with a private clothing line of your own?

VCI Exports is one of the largest producers of resort wear in India. The range of our clothing line, good quality, and competitive prices have made us one of the fastest growing resort wear manufacturers in India.

We assure the highest degree of professionalism and provide wide variety of services to the buyers, importers and customers. Our presence in the India and international market keeps us well-informed of customer tastes and changing market scenarios. We offer fast and reliable delivery, excellent Quality Control and flexible manufacturing and production options.

Our team consists of designers, management, merchandisers, quality control, schedulers, and commercial personnel, all hired from top most garment manufacturing companies of the country. Needless to say that they are extremely professional at what they do.

The very purpose of our getting into resort wear wholesale was to change the entire perspective about resort wear clothing. Resort wear is not just something that you wear on the beach! It is as much of clothing as your casual wear or work wear, etc. The frills, tiers and asymmetry in our designs make sure that our resort wear range is far from basic.

Our range is extremely affordable and fashionable so that private labels don’t need to give a second thought before buying. Having said that quality and timely delivery also remains out topmost priority.

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