Kid’s Wear

Kid’s clothing is definitely one of the busiest amongst all the fashion segments. As it has the widest variety of choices to cater across different stages including infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school-age, adolescence, for both girls and boys. Have you been looking for a kids clothing vendor? Let me introduce VCI Exports, we are one of the best baby clothing vendors in India.

As one of the leading kid’s wear manufacturers, we produce a wide variety of kid’s wear serving different clothing styles, formats, and trends. We have extensive experience in catering to kids fashion and also serving bulk orders for private labels, uniform traders, kids clothing wholesalers, and online lifestyle stores. As one of the children clothes vendors, we have been actively serving the best kids designer wear fashion for boutiques and exclusive fashion houses.

Infants Clothing Manufacturer

Don’t your kids look dapper in their fancy clothing, making them look adorable in their attire? But did you know the wrong clothing material can harm your infant’s skin and create problems in the long run?

Unfortunately, the market is inundated with rapid, artificially processed clothing, and you may have been dressing your baby in the wrong clothing materials.

Pay attention to the nature of your children’s clothing since infants’ skin is highly delicate, and the toxic substances found in hazardous artificial dyes and carcinogens used for scouring can harm their health.

The way forward is to switch to organically-made clothing; choose from a wide range of options, from your little one’s onesies and pajamas to layette sets, mittens, hats, and booties.

Don’t forget to invest in a brand that cares for your infant’s every little need.

Toddlers (1-2 years)

Toddlers are usually rambunctious and running hither and thither. Because of their playful nature, kids will likely come in touch with dust, filth, and pathogens.

Prevention is better than cure.

Synthetic dyes and chemicals in artificially processed apparel can cause skin rashes and severe allergies. Parents usually go to great lengths to ensure their children have the best of everything.

However, despite spending a lot of time and effort choosing the right kid’s clothing, they sometimes overlook the fabric labels and the cloth’s origins.

It would be best if you spent considerable time and effort reviewing the finer details before buying suitable clothing for your children.

Pre Schoolers age (3 -5)

As the little one heads to school, you can’t follow them around everywhere. However, you can ensure that the clothes they deck up in do not harm them.

School uniform is worn for five to six hours, if not more, five times a week. If the fabric is chemically developed, it can cause infections and allergies to pre-schoolers.

On the other hand, organic apparel is free of toxic chemicals such as pesticide-aided blends. If you manage a business or an institution, it’s best to do your bit to reduce the carbon footprint by switching to organic textiles.

Adolescence (10-19)

Adolescents are hyperactive and constantly on the move. They are, nonetheless, particular about what they wear because there is an unending urge to comply with the current fashion trends.

With their on-the-go lifestyles, organic clothing is a perfect fit. Organic clothing is exceptionally robust and resistant to wear and tear because it is free of chemical binders.

Since this cohort recognizes the importance of sustainability and takes conscious steps to reduce carbon footprint, it’s easier for them to switch to ‘better clothing.’

Fashion and environmental sustainability at its best.

At VCI Exports, as a result of our experience in the industry, we are able to produce quality fashion for kids at highly competitive rates. We follow a well-established standardized process that is optimally producing clothing supplies for children for years. Our high-end manufacturing facility is all equipped with specialized machinery and a well-laid process to deliver quality output with fast turn-around-time.

We have a team of trained professionals working with us. Our team includes experts from all areas of industry with great exposure in kids clothing. We don’t just operate in state-of-the art facility but also have the best-in-class production specialists, service managers, designers, line operators, tailoring professionals, branding & packaging consultants, and skilled support staff. It’s the consolidated team effort of our kid’s wear professionals that allow us to deliver the latest kids clothing with best levels of precision and quality. Contact today VCI Exports the best Kids Wear Manufacturers in India

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