Maternity Wear

VCI Exports takes pride in being one of the leading organic maternity apparel suppliers and realizes the needs of expectant mothers by placing utmost importance on comfort for them and the baby. Pregnancy never should come in the way of your fashion statement, especially when your favorite jeans or skirt doesn’t fit you anymore. VCI Exports makes sure you look stylish all throughout your pregnancy. We have a variety of maternity clothing one can choose from.


We at VCI Exports very well understand the concerns of the would-be mothers and how comfortable and soothing clothes would be best for them. We make sure that the fabric we use breathes well and is free from any kind of harmful chemicals and synthetics which is absolutely safe both for the mother and the baby.

Our pattern makers have years of experience in designing clothes and cuts required for comfortable yet stylish maternity wear. As one of the top maternity apparel exporters, we know our customer’s demands and work in compliance with our expertise to bring out the best product possible.

All expecting and nursing mothers can lay their trust in VCI Exports for their maternity wear needs. We help them in being comfortable and relaxed during their most cherishable moments. We are also the most preferred maternity wear exporter in India. Quality remains our topmost priority which is why we have secured a strong place in the global market as maternity wear exporters.