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Your search for sleepwear ends on this page. VCI Exports is your gateway to hypoallergenic, organic and essential garments supplier for ladies’ sleepwear and nightwear which includes pyjamas, t-shirts, long robes, nighties, etc. We are one of the top sleepwear nighties suppliers to online and offline stores across the globe. 

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VCI Exports Sleepwear Supplier – House of stunning range of styles, weaves and colours.

Our fabrics and thereby our sleepwear garments are typically made from organic cotton, a premium cloth known to offer sound sleep, which interestingly has become a precious commodity these days. Our highly breathable, supple and skin friendly sleepwear is also a perfect option for casual moments post good night rest. The reason is really simple; we design nightwear that feels good and looks good too. No wonder we are tagged as one of the finest sleepwear manufacturer for USA.

VCI Exports – We design sleep and not just sleepwear

As a leading nightwear supplier our motto has always been to offer a range of garments that are perfect for all the seasons. Cotton is recognised for its unique properties. It not only keeps the wearer warm in winter, but evolves into a soothing material in summers. Moreover, VCI Exports trending designs and creative form factors allows wearers to stretch, lounge and flaunt with pride.

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Cotton Sleepwear Manufacturer For USA and UK-2
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Best Nightwear Manufacturer for Best Entrepreneurs / Start-ups

VCI Exports, one of India’s most eco-conscious sleepwear manufacturers, boasts a long list of nightwear products. Some of the popular items are mentioned below.

  • Pyjamas – shirt & trouser combo
  • Tops / T-shirts
  • Girls / Women designer shorts
  • Solo sleepwear garments

We exploit organic, lightweight cotton to style nightwear—from sleeves with no cuffs to front placket, and from piped shorts and long pyjamas to creatively stitched printed garments. VCI Exports accepts orders for bespoke designs subject to “minimum order quantity” parameter.

Cotton Sleepwear Manufacturer For USA and UK
VCI Respects Timeline
– We are extremely sensitive about delivery timeline. For our customers it simply means a unique edge over their competitors.

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