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VCI Exports: Women’s Fashion Trends Made for USA Are you an established fashion label, a new start-up in this domain? Maybe you are looking for a reputed, dedicated sustainable clothing manufacturer? Either way, this blog will help you take your business ( online and offline ) to the next level. The million dollar question is how? [...]
World over, fashion brands and clothing manufacturers/suppliers are increasingly focussing of empowering women through sustainable clothing. These entities use innovative strategies, revisiting their drawing boards to reset and recreate a new set of norms that inspire and endow womenfolk with greater authority in life, career, and as an individual. Fashion with a purpose is now the [...]

Most of the leading fashion brands across the globe outsource a large chunk of their products from specialist garment apparel exporter. Depending on their sales volume and internal policies some prefer local suppliers while there are others who make a conscious effort to buy their products from global entities. It makes sense because these brands are […]

Choosing between hundreds of available clothing manufacturers and exporters can be very confusing. A businessman must consider many things like financial capacity, quantity, and variety of products before they find the right manufacturers and exporters for their business. You can use these tips to make your process seamless and easy since you want to find the best women […]

Indian block prints are a century-old fabric designing technique that has graced linen, silk, cotton, and other textiles. Hand block prints in limited, slow fashion runs have high value across the globe. There are several reasons why designers opt for this Indian print style for seasonal wardrobes. Variety Hand block printed fashion comes in all [...]
A common misconception states that a sustainable wardrobe can only come at the cost of style. This thought might influence many people and cause them to refrain from shopping sustainably, primarily when hunting summer clothing essentials. However, you can be sustainable and look stylish, even when wearing eco-friendly summer clothing. Here are some essential summer clothing [...]
The focus of the 21st century is Organic-ness. Customers today are informed, aware, and ‘conscious.’  There is an increased demand for going natural. Nature and human beings have an interdependent relationship. Human beings owe their entire existence to nature; thus, by going green, we can add our part to maintain this relationship. LET’S GO GREEN- [...]
10 Sustainable Winter Essentials Winter beckons a fashion ethic that is the opposite of summer. Unfortunately, the ‘less is more’ ethic does not apply to winters. This trend places consumers in a real dilemma, as they don’t know how to maintain sustainability with their winter clothing purchases. GOTS certified manufacturers across the globe recommend consumers worldwide [...]
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