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Organic Cotton Certification – Environment Saviour Here are some bitter facts about fashion industry. 8 out of 10 clothing end up at a dumping ground somewhere around the planet. Rivers, lakes and even oceans get polluted at different stages of textile production. Raw materials for apparels consume astonishing quantities of water, creating drought-like situation in some […]

The focus of the 21st century is Organic-ness. Customers today are informed, aware, and ‘conscious.’  There is an increased demand for going natural. Nature and human beings have an interdependent relationship. Human beings owe their entire existence to nature; thus, by going green, we can add our part to maintain this relationship. LET’S GO GREEN- [...]
With the growing awareness for the concern of the environment and need for saving the Mother Earth for our future generations, VCI thought of changing ourselves. We may not bring a revolution but can contribute our bit. In the textile industry during production the clothes we wear pass through the various processes and chemical operations. This [...]
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