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Quality Control (QC) helps determine how well a business can retain customers. This fact necessitates that your clothing line always has the best pick of textiles. Numerous domestic and international fashion houses look up to clothing manufacturers in India. They rely on Indian manufacturers for producing and manufacturing premium-grade cotton, organic textiles, and clothing that [...]
Cotton is considered the lifeblood of the textile industry. This natural, organic fiber is blended with other forms of fabric to create modern apparel and fashion. Consumers who are eager to invest in cotton textile, need to be wary of its origin. Developing countries like Africa, India, and Uzbekistan still have unethical cotton plantation rackets [...]
The dilution of prejudices caused a rise in progressive consumer trends. Businesses have played a big role in marketing plus-size and extra small sizes in the apparel industry, while eliminating the need for consumers to rely on custom-tailoring. The role of Web2.0 Influencer marketing, followed by consumer engagement programs with SEO-friendly hashtags, is commonplace for [...]
India’s traditional textile industries have been a subject of reverence among connoisseurs of fine, organic fabric across the globe. India’s traditional handloom industry is still dominated by a large cross-section of organic clothing manufacturers. India’s native handloom and craft styles have been exquisitely upheld by organic Indian fabric through the ages. Their products are exquisitely [...]
VCI creates clothes to treasure and wear with the aim to be ethical and sustainable. Our designs are the perfect marriage between fashion and comfort. We are big believers in quality, because we know that making a product that lasts longer and stays out of the landfill for longer is much better for the environment. [...]
VCI brings us the most sustainable, evergreen, and comfortable garments which last longer without losing their shape and Color. Our process of making garments is absolutely cruelty-free. We have been witnessing our society’s obsession with consumption and the constant need for more. There is so much pressure to keep up with the never-ending changing trends [...]
Fashion is a huge industry, every day new manufacturing units open making it difficult for us to choose the right one for our business. If you are looking for a 100% organic clothing manufacturer, then here is a quick pro and cons list that you can refer to for choosing the right one for your [...]
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