GOTS Certified Clothing Manufacturers

Today, through production in India and overseas in, the USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, etc., we are continuously enlarging our collections, including casual wear, accessories, home furnishing, luxury wear, and kids apparel. From finding new ways to weave organic cotton to sourcing notions of crafting, designing, and colorful patterns, VCI is the leading exporter of high-fashion women’s apparel and kids’ wear clothing.

Constantly upgrading to the best cutting-edge technology and modern infrastructure VCI has a cumulative production capacity of one Lakh pieces per month, putting out the most exclusive pieces in sustainable fabrics like 100% organic cotton, Eco-Vero Tencel, Eco-Vero Viscose, stretch jersey, velour etcetera. 

We are also constantly aiming towards quality control with timely deliveries and an active customer service base, ensuring customers’ safety and quality.


With a determined, hardworking team of employees, a perfectly balanced workspace exists, working towards the mission of an organic, safe future for generations to come.


We aim to provide the best quality and selection of organic apparel at the best prices with all certifications and eco-credentials.


We are happy to know that our customers are aware and contributing their bit by making Mother Earth a better planet for everyone to live on.

VCI Exports is a leading exporter and manufacturer of 100% Organic fashion women and children’s apparel. We continue to pursue an ambition to be the leaders in organic fashion for women and children’s clothing while keeping in mind the growing society and protection of Mother Nature.

As an official government of India acknowledged, star-rated export house, we work to be the only pre-GOTS certified clothing producer within India. Our certification proves that we are on the right track in organic cotton clothing manufacturing.

GOTS Certified Companies in India

Being a GOTS-certified apparel manufacturer means that we follow the guidelines and processes for creating organic cotton products and do it most ethically. This certification also guarantees Organic and More practices ethical and sustainable production. It adheres to all the rules and regulations set within the company and with business partners, creating a pleasant experience for everyone.

Our customers may request a third-party transaction certificate. The document is issued by GOTS and serves as evidence that the products made to fulfill a specific order were produced per organic standards.
It is the case that GOTS assures it is organic they also issue strict guidelines to the factory for fair labor standards.

The GOTS certificate is the most stringent quality of certification for organic clothing items. It ensures that every garment shipment sent to the buyer by an manufacturer that is GOTS certifiedis made using organically certified raw materials, GOTS-approved trims and accessories as well as factories that are GOTS certified across the entire supply chain.

The Global Organic Textile Standard is an international method that is the most reliable way to prove that the business produces authentic and certified organic cotton products that comply with the requirements set by GOTS.

GOTS means safe working conditions, no discrimination and no child labour. GOTS approved products have the entire supply chain verified, even the farms must have certification to a legally recognised standard. The details matter! Buttons, threads, zips have to also meet strict residue criteria of GOTS.

Yes, Organic cotton is made without toxic substances and polluting pesticides, and it’s also grown in healthier soil without affecting environment. Because of this, textiles made from organic cotton are generally much better quality.

There are few GOTS Certified Clothing Manufacturers​ in India and VCI Exports is one of the oldest and trustable export house. You can find valid certificate at https://global-standard.org/find-suppliers-shops-and-inputs/certified-suppliers/database/search_result/26376