Challenges faced by fashion brands selling kids’ garments are unique and frankly quite
serious in nature, and therefore, as a buyer and an owner of kids designer-wear fashion
boutique/fashion house ( online / offline ) you need to look into the following before
signing up with the supplier. Interestingly, kids clothing is divided into 4 distinct
categories based on age.

Infants ( 0 – 12 months )
Toddlers( 12 months – 36 months )
pre-schoolers ( 36 months – 60 months )
Adolescents ( 60 months and above )

Every age group demands special attention in terms of –

Clothing Material.
Design / Style / Trend.

Clothing Material –
Choose a kids clothing exporter for USA or for that matter any other country who
addresses the above requirements consistently. As a reputed fashion brand, you need to
opt for the most skin-friendly fabric. Synthetically produced textiles/garments can
harm infants’ / toddlers’ skin. Make sure the fabric is made from organic material such
as cotton or blended cotton. You also need to make sure that this fabric is free from
hazardous dyes which most of the time are carcinogenic in nature.

Infants will immediately react to clothing’s made from these artificially processed
textiles/garments. On the other hand, pre-schoolers may suffer from long-term
allergies and infections. Make sure you invest in a supplier who is well-informed and
offers products that are skin-friendly. Kids clothing is no longer child’s play. It makes
immense sense to choose organically produced garments with appropriate certificates
such as GOTS.

Design / Style / Trend –
Although infants and toddlers themselves may not react or rebel against obsolete styles,
parents will definitely ignore kids clothing which are not in sync with the latest trends.
Kids clothing manufacturer typically offers styles for two seasons—spring/summer
and autumn/winter. Make sure your supplier provides additional designs for festive
seasons as well. Moreover, your kids clothing supplier also needs to keep ahead of your

Apart from the above, fashion labels need to look into some of the other parameters
such as –

1. Color / Print Fastness – Buyers need to understand that color and print fastness
is also important. What good is a garment when it cannot even face few washes?
On the contrary, kids clothing tend to be washed quite frequently and therefore
it needs to withstand this extra punishment.

2. Quality – You have chosen a kids clothing manufacturer who uses organic cotton
and chemical-free production and processing techniques. That’s great! But, does
the clothing endure constant movement of toddlers, kids and adolescents. Is the
seam too delicate, wobbly? Ready to rip at the slightest pull. Yes! Then the
chances are your kids’ fashion brand will quickly fade into oblivion.

Winding up the blog –
Kid’s clothing is definitely a unique segment that demands a completely different
approach while looking out for suppliers. The reason is, this subset caters to several
playful and extremely young groups. What makes it even more challenging is the
unlimited/exhaustive range of options such as onesie/bodysuit, pyjamas, layette sets,
mittens and booties, shorts and shirt set, frocks, sweat shirts and school uniforms. VCI
Exports, one of the best baby/kids clothing supplier in India offers all the above and
also 100% GOTS certified. Connect today for a free quote.