Most of the leading fashion brands across the globe outsource a large chunk of their products from specialist garment apparel exporter. Depending on their sales volume and internal policies some prefer local suppliers while there are others who make a conscious effort to buy their products from global entities. It makes sense because these brands are known to sell their merchandise to online / offline stores and not to manage large production units. If you are a seller / retailer read on for the latest trends and opportunities to watch out for vis-à-vis organic cotton women garments manufacturer for US market.


Today, the global fashion market is valued at over 3 trillion dollars and it is growing at a scorching pace. No wonder then this space is also extremely competitive. Retailers therefore tend to buy merchandise from dedicated women apparel manufacturer and divert their energies towards sales and service. This form of setup means that the supplier needs to be highly committed. This entity also needs to be in sync with the latest trends and quickly make changes to their production lines. Moreover, the garments need to be 100% organic—right from cotton seeds to fabric, and from stitching and packing.

The Trends –

Suppliers generally offer off-the-shelf products ( with customized branding ). Some of the current trends include –

  1. Practical Clothing – This typically means the strategic placement of extra pockets, and creatively double-stitched sections ( those prone to maximum wear and tear ).
  2. Reversible Fashion Apparels – Reversible apparels not only reduce end-user consumption and thereby reduce the environmental impact it also offers financial relief, a breather from frequent purchases.
  3. Functional Clothing – Most of the women clothing exporter for USA stick to the basic functionality and avoid drastic design switch. This allows the garment to remain in vogue for a long time. It also means that you as a brand, a retailer, need to not make frequent adjustments to your shelves.

Quick style customisation is an area of great opportunity. Eco-friendly materials including buttons, labels, threads and inner linings are some of the secondary opportunities retailers need to look into. These days women garment manufacturer creates region based fashion templates.  Each market is then offered merchandise that takes care of buyer’s physical proportions. Customized waist, bust, and height parameters are some of the other opportunities retailers should exploit. This ensures minimum returns and maximum customer satisfaction.

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