Whether you’re launching your clothing line or want to source some custom garments for your business, finding a high-quality clothing manufacturer can be a challenge.

There are so many different clothing manufacturers out there, and each one has its own specific needs and requirements. It’s virtually impossible to sit and shortlist each brand manufacturer, especially when you have various constraints.

Some primary factors include the likes of budget, location, materials used, amount of work they can undertake, and turnaround time, which help you with the selection criteria.

Here’re some tips for finding the best custom clothing manufacturers for your business.

How to Find Custom Clothing Manufacturers for Start-ups

The first step is deciding what garment you want to produce. Do you want to create t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, or something else?

Next, you need to choose the style, the manufacturing quantities you want, and how many colors you wish per design/style.

You can decide on adding special features, such as front pockets, hood drawstrings, or inside pockets. To create something unique, you should contact a manufacturer and ask if they can help you make it.

There are a series of high quality clothing manufacturers in the market, each of which specializes in creating different clothes. Depending on what you want to purchase, you can keep the following points in mind:

Be sure of your needs and requirements

A clear set of requirements is essential before looking for custom clothing manufacturers for UK or US. If you’re designing apparel with unique features, you might want to make a garment prototype to show it to different clothing manufacturers to get an idea of its cost.

How many garments do you need? What type of garments are you in need of? What color(s) do you want? Do you want any special features like a pocket or drawstring? What type of fabric do you want to use? What is your timeline for production?

Answering such questions can help you shortlist a manufacturer who can work as per the requirements.

Check out Licensing Agencies

If you’re looking for a custom clothing manufacturer for the UK or a custom clothing manufacturer for the US, you should look for online licensing agencies representing your requisite brands.

You can submit a request to the licensing agency to find out more about their manufacturing partners and who you can talk to about manufacturing garments.

Use job posting sites

You should look for clothing manufacturers on job posting websites to make the most of your search efforts. There are many manufacturers out there, and they specialize in helping people like you find the perfect manufacturer for your project.

Such job sites cater to clothing manufacturers; you can expect the people listed here to be able to help you source the best manufacturer for your project.

Look for manufacturer incubators and co-working spaces

While looking for a custom clothing manufacturer for the USA, you should look for designer incubator spaces or co-working spaces. Designers and clothing manufacturers usually throng such areas, looking for new projects.

If possible, attend events hosted by the owners of designer incubator spaces so you can approach designers personally.

You can find the perfect manufacturer by talking to those already working there.

Look for Custom Manufacturing Domestic Shops

You can consider looking for a custom manufacturing shop if you’re looking to produce garments but don’t have a specific design/style.

Such shops work with you to design apparel that meets your specifications. You can find custom manufacturing shops online by searching for custom clothing manufacturers or custom clothing manufacturers for the USA.

You can ask a clothing manufacturer if they offer custom garment options. Signing up for newsletters or joining Facebook groups of clothing manufacturers is an excellent way to learn about new shops and get recommendations from other entrepreneurs who have already worked with them.

When you meet with a clothing manufacturer, ask questions about their process, turnaround time, and prior experience with startups.


Custom clothing manufacturers are a great asset to any business, especially if you want to create garments with a unique design or garment type.

When you are looking for custom clothing manufacturers, remember to keep an open mind and be sure to check out a variety of different options.

There are many other custom clothing manufacturers with their own specific needs and requirements. A little bit of research and networking can do wonders for your business.