Choosing between hundreds of available clothing manufacturers and exporters can be very confusing.

A businessman must consider many things like financial capacity, quantity, and variety of products before they find the right manufacturers and exporters for their business.

You can use these tips to make your process seamless and easy since you want to find the best women manufacturers and exporters.

Experience and credibility

A business’s experience and credibility are the first and foremost things to consider. A manufacturer’s experience in the market and client reputation can help your production and boost sales.

A good manufacturer will already have modernized their production practices with changing times, which is essential to derive maximum benefits for your business. Highly productive manufacturers with better technological methods lead to better results.

Additionally, you can contact their previous customers or check some previous client reviews. Knowing if they are legit and capable of manufacturing and delivering the orders on time is essential.

Minimum order quantity

You need to check out the standard minimum quantity, before placing an order with a manufacturer.

For best results, you must ensure your minimum order quantity order falls within your budget; otherwise, it can lead to a waste of time and resources.

Customer service and assistance

The best women’s clothing manufacturers and exporters must have good communication channels for your support.

When you face problems, you need to contact their management for defects, replacements, and other queries.

Additionally, they should have a grievance redressal model available to address all your queries so that you can get a clear idea of their working process.

Industry standards for quality

The clothing must meet the industry norms and quality standards. When you sell women’s clothing, it must meet all the quality controls. The quality of your articles can directly affect client satisfaction.

As a women’s clothing manufacturer, it’s integral to be particular about the style of clothing, the quality, cloth type, and designs, amongst other factors. It’s best if you have a vast catalog available for their need.

You have to ensure that the manufacturers and exporters have the infrastructure to produce a variety of styles and designs for your market.

Production capabilities or restrictions

Different manufacturers work on different production standards, which govern their production capabilities. A reliable manufacturer will lay down the framework for meeting the client’s demands while keeping the required changes in mind.

To get the most out of your production supplier, you should conduct an on-site examination to understand better their working process and the tools and machinery used.

You must ensure that they are capable of handing your orders and have the required machinery and workforce to produce the variety of designs that your business needs.


Women are very selective for the designs they wear; hence, you must have many options available that can meet their demands.

VCI Exports are on top of their game, especially when manufacturing women’s clothing. Each piece of manufactured clothing under the VCI banner meets industry-specific quality standards, which means you will always have the best women’s clothes.