As an adult, you may have joined a good percentage of consumers to transition to organic, eco-friendly fashion.

However, are you still dressing your kids in fast, artificially processed garments? If yes, then you must immediately shift to sustainable kids’ clothing.

Here are some of the most important reasons for investing in eco-friendly kids’ clothing:

1. Organic garments avoid chemicals

It must be of no secret to you that children have more sensitive, vulnerable skin than grown-ups. Garment industry chemicals use toxic and carcinogenic chemicals for scouring, bleaching, dyeing, and finishing their garments.

The residues from bleaching agents, artificial dyes, and pesticide-aided fabric blends can hurt your child’s well-being. To avoid such toxic agents, it’s advisable to shift to organically-made clothing for children.

2. Organic fibers are biodegradable

Buy clothes from organic children’s clothing manufacturers so that the natural fibers break down when trashed. Synthetic fabrics like acrylic, nylon, and polyester take over 20-200 years to decompose. Last year, the fashion industry waste continued to be a pertinent topic of discussion in environmental conservation summits.

It would be best to opt for natural fabrics that degrade naturally without causing global pollution as a general practice. Besides, biodegradable materials are more practical, given how frequently children go through clothes.

3. Organic clothes are child-friendly

Children often come into contact with dirt and germs that inhabit their clothing. These can lead to bacterial infections. Synthetic clothes are already composed of toxic chemicals; these will not do your child any favors, especially since children’s skin is sensitive.

Sustainable kids’ clothing, such as micro-TENCEL fabric, is antibacterial. They can help prevent infections from dirty, soiled clothing. Organic fibers have moisture-wicking techniques to keep your child dry despite perspiration. Such clothing materials, in turn, prevent eczema and rashes.

4. Organic clothes offer longevity

Children’s clothes undergo tremendous wear and tear. Children regard them as chew toys and potentially indestructible armor against playground dirt. Constant stretching spoils the quality of the fabric and print of artificial materials.

Organic clothes have a stronger bind because they are not weakened by chemical processing. This helps reduce the number of washes required and subsequently saves water. The clothes do not tear as often from regular use or washes.

A message for children

Children must learn about carbon-footprint reduction. The increase in fashion industry wastage, contribution to global warming, and other derivative forms of nature pollutants need to be curbed.

Children must also learn how to prevent unfair working conditions for workers and only opt for cruelty-free clothing.

For best results, you should look for a kids’ wear manufacturer, that can deck your child in trendy yet eco-friendly, healthy clothing.