A summer wardrobe is incomplete without bright colors, breezy fabrics, and snazzy outfits. Do you know that your fast fashion summer essentials contribute severely to environmental damage? Artificial dyes, unsafe working conditions, high resource overhead, wastage, and fast fashion is responsible for it et al.

By opting for an environment-friendly wardrobe this summer, you can do your bit for the planet while remaining stylish at the same time.

Eco-friendly summer dresses & tops

The white cotton t-shirt is a summer-time mainstay in any fashionista’s wardrobe. However, artificial cotton goods require high water overheads and bleach during the manufacturing processes. Keeping all this in mind, why not switch to an organic cotton alternative?

Over-sized organic cotton T-shirts are readily available these days for a more laid-back, loose-fitted fit. Women can also opt for maxi dresses, flax linen-made jumpsuits, or saris for special occasions.

Sustainable bottoms

If you want to beat the summer heat, there is nothing better than cooling off in a pair of shorts. Denim shorts and organic cotton chino shorts in earthly and desaturated colors make for a style-savvy purchase.

Invest in pairs of recycled light denim for outdoor wear. Alternatively, you can go in the DIY direction and buy recycled denim to cut them into shorts. You can also pair denim with shirts and shirt dresses to create a chic effect.

Summer footwear

Ethically-sourced leather isn’t a comfortable alternative for summer footwear. Rubber shoes made from processed materials do not offer your feet ultimate comfort.

Sandals and open-toed shoes are ideal summer essentials. Natural fiber shoes offer your feet relief from heavy perspiration. The lack of dry friction and sweat can save your feet from odor, sores, and blisters.

Additionally, such shoes are durable and ideal for regular summer use.

Organic swimwear & bathing accessories

You can be eco-friendly at the beach and in the pool, as well. Opt for swimwear and beachwear made from recycled fishing nets and industrial waste.

Recycled polyamide fabrics create comfortable bathing garments for lasting in-water activity.

Men can opt for eco-sustainable shorts and trunks, as these fabrics offer you good protection from trace pollutants within pools, while being biodegradable.

Dressing accessories

Turn heads and shades away from the summer sun by accessorizing yourself with handbags, scarves, hats, and other accessories made from eco-friendly products.

They can save you from skin problems, offer protection from the sun in style, and help you go easy on the environment.