Indian block prints are a century-old fabric designing technique that has graced linen, silk, cotton, and other textiles. Hand block prints in limited, slow fashion runs have high value across the globe.

There are several reasons why designers opt for this Indian print style for seasonal wardrobes.


Hand block printed fashion comes in all shapes and forms, from salwar suits for casual outings to formal wear for office to intricately designed Kurtis for party wear. There are sub-categories of hand block-printing that deal with prints on dark and bright shades.

You will find designs in different patterns, color shades, and motifs featuring flowers, animals, birds, geometric designs, and mandalas. Plus, hand-block printed couture is versatile enough to be paired with various accessories and not just precious metal jewellery.

Covers all budgets

Affordability is synonymous with block-printed fashion. As a thumb rule, the more intricate the designs, the greater the number of colours. Alternatively, the better the fabric quality, the higher the price.

So, depending on your estimate, you can permanently settle on a range of block print designs from different block print manufacturer labels, fabrics, etc. Indo-western cuts in eco-friendly materials and natural dye prints are an ever-raging style.

If you are into slow fashion, you can even turn to Indian brands like VCI Exports for GOTS certified and fair-trade high quality, limited prints.

Comfort wear

Always opt for fabrics that are favorable to your skin and comfortable to wear in the local weather. Hand block-print designs will give you a choice of balancing style and comfort. You can opt for prints on light, bright-colored bases and airy fabrics for spring and summer.

The internet will help you locate block-printed dress manufacturers who use khadi and organic cotton blends with naturally dyed designs that are incredibly comfortable to wear.

Easy to maintain

Hand block prints are super-dried and washed in the post-printing process so that the colours do not fade after use. High-quality organic fabrics and natural dyes offer long-lasting service even after multiple uses.

Hence, a low-maintenance approach with cold machine washes and sun-drying suffice to preserve your favorite block-printed suits and bottoms.

Preserve an old Asian art form

The Chipa community introduced the concept of block printing to the Jaipur region. It was majorly introduced by the local artisans of Bagru, an area commonly known for its vegetable dyes and mud-resistant block prints.

These talented artisans, their skills, and each community member takes immense pride in their beautiful hand-printed textiles. The idea is to keep the tradition alive while adapting the local trends to match the global tastes.

Block Printing, an ancient and native Rajasthani craft form, has been practiced for a few years. Natural colors are used widely in block printing to enhance every cloth piece’s look and feel.

Supporting organic and local block print manufacturers and fashion brands helps preserve an essential part of the Asian heritage. Designers who combine them with modern fashion trends are doing a credible job.