A common misconception states that a sustainable wardrobe can only come at the cost of style. This thought might influence many people and cause them to refrain from shopping sustainably, primarily when hunting summer clothing essentials.

However, you can be sustainable and look stylish, even when wearing eco-friendly summer clothing.

Here are some essential summer clothing tips to remain fashionable and eco-conscious.

Wear light-colored clothing
It is elementary knowledge that light-colored clothing traps less heat than its darker counterparts. Despite the selective preferences associated with earthly colors, rest assured they can effectively protect you from the summer sun.

Organic cotton t-shirts, trousers, dresses, and shorts are summer essentials, even if you consider yourself to be a fashionista. Off-white, light, or de-saturated pink and pale blue pastel shades can help your wardrobe pop this summer.

Try organic fabrics
Organic fabrics are light on your skin and are made from sustainable practices that reduce global warming and make the summer heat bearable. Organic materials provide several summer fashion choices.

You could go for deadstock-made crepes and fabrics, recycled cotton, nylon, polyester, wood and tree pulp, GOTS-certified organic cotton, cotton poplin, BCI cotton, and FSC-certified viscose (degradable natural fiber) blends.

Wear loose-fitted clothing
Loose-fitted summer fashions are airy and help you look laidback and relaxed. Flowy dresses, rompers, skirts, shorts, tops, etc., prevent you from sweating too much.

As a result, your fabrics fade less from perspiration and subsequent washes. Plus, you gain more comfortability in organic, loose-fitted clothing than in non-sustainable, form-fitting ones.

Wear organic clothes to avoid skin issues
Chemically processed clothes made with artificial dyes might irritate the skin. But, organic clothes are made from materials that offer durability and longevity.

Hence, if your skin’s sensitive to friction from heavy clothing and artificial dyes, you may want to give them a wide berth.

30 wears test is a must
Summer clothes are usually subject to many wear and tear due to the sun and sweat. If the clothes fade or negatively impact your skin, they are not worth wearing.

If they are not worth wearing even 30 times, you shouldn’t buy them. That way, you can conserve money for summer clothing essentials without splurging frivolously.

Quality slow fashion over fast fashion quantity
Do you want a unique wardrobe? If yes, then you should only buy slow summer fashion clothing materials.

Slow summer fashion prevents splurging while dispensing limited edition clothing. You can invest in quality over quantity.