The focus of the 21st century is Organic-ness. Customers today are informed, aware, and ‘conscious.’  There is an increased demand for going natural. Nature and human beings have an interdependent relationship.

Human beings owe their entire existence to nature; thus, by going green, we can add our part to maintain this relationship.

LET’S GO GREEN- We have incorporated changes in all areas of our lives, whether our food habits, clothing, or lifestyle. The focus is on less exploitation of the environment by going organic.

Organic comes from the Greek word- organikos, meaning relating to an organ of one’s body. It suggests a natural and appropriate way to live one’s life. Thus, how can we impact this Mission of GOING GREEN.

Everything done today is done with innovation and creativity. The traditional stagnant ways are now out of style and fully maxed out. Thus let us look at certain ways by which we can make an impact.

Skin is our largest organic demands attention. However, we can make some sustainable changes to our fashion habits and style to do our bit.

  • There can’t be fashion on a dead planet. With excessive use of fertilizers and synthetics, our ecological balance is troubled. We need regenerative agricultural practices to reduce carbon emissions. VCI Exports with high-tech manufacturing practices produce 100% GOTS certified Organic Clothing, reducing the need for artificial chemicals and carbon footprint.

You can too add to this by dedicating yourself to buying only organic clothing


Human resource is also a very valuable resource. People usually overlook the labor aspect of fashion. But fashion and clothing is a value-added process with many levels and aspects.

Labour exploitation and unfair trade practices are considered mainstream nowadays. Such an attitude can ultimately lead to a collapse of the fashion industry itself, and this is what provides it with its backbone.

Our solution for this? ORGANIC CLOTHING.

GOT STANDARD IS GOLD STANDARD ensuring fair and ethical trade practices ensuring zero labor exploitation respecting the dignity human beings deserve. Ensuring ethical and fair supply chain management is an important aspect of the fashion industry that is often overlooked. But VCI exports are here to make a change and mark a difference with high tech manufacturing practices and optimum labor management.

Thus, are you ready with this change in style to organic cotton leading to

  • Reduced Environmental Pollution
  • Reduced consumption of energy and water resources
  • Protection of Labour health and dignity
  • No Child labor exploitation

We just explored the benefits one can accrue by going green and changing to Organic clothing. One should be conscious of the environment and incorporate this change as soon as possible to benefit the entirety of the human population.

This is your chance to make a difference.

Our Mission is to provide the best quality at the best prices; thus, now it is your part to take action against the unfair practices against our environment.

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