10 Sustainable Winter Essentials

Winter beckons a fashion ethic that is the opposite of summer. Unfortunately, the ‘less is more’ ethic does not apply to winters. This trend places consumers in a real dilemma, as they don’t know how to maintain sustainability with their winter clothing purchases.

GOTS certified manufacturers across the globe recommend consumers worldwide and advise them to abide by the following practices for their winter essentials.

Buy cruelty-free woolens  

Sustainable, organic resources are used to manufacture cruelty-free woolen items. PETA recommends several apparel manufacturers who market ‘vegan’ woolen items.

Make loungewear the staple. 

Loungewear, as a category, looks chic and minimalist across all seasons. For this reason, eco-friendly apparel exporters recommend investing in organic loungewear that passes the 30-wear test.

Eco-friendly fabric blankets

Organic fabric blankets make for excellent comforters in winter. These blankets can be used in several scenarios: while lounging, sleeping, or simply relaxing on your favorite couch. There is a good market for eco-friendly fabric blankets made from GOTS-certified organic cotton in India.

Sustainable woolen-wear 

Several woolen-wear choices like turtlenecks, cardigans, and jumpers encompass a quality winter wardrobe.

In India, sustainable clothing manufacturers recommend natural fabrics like mohair and cruelty-free wool for knitwear that makes for elegant outdoor fashion in winter.

Ethically made knitted accessories. 

India has an indigenous market for ethically sourced, handmade, knitted accessories. Supporting these manufacturers and their craftsmanship helps preserve a local heritage; plus, you can buy quality knit-designed accessories for a competitive price.

Buy organic basics 

Buy organic basics from sustainable clothing manufacturers. If you need to go shopping for basics in winter, several GOTS certified manufacturers in India can supply you with good quality clothes.

Functional wearables

Winter clothing that serves a functional purpose qualifies as winter essentials. Opt for slow fashion, multipurpose clothing, and of course, sustainable winter wear for best results.

Multi-purpose purchases 

Multipurpose winter garments like sustainable shawls, handmade organic fabric stoles, covers, and organic jeans can be used for multiple winter purposes.


Multipurpose winter fashion is truly functional if mixed with other such purposes to substitute statement fashion. Women wear export houses such as VCI Exports supply multipurpose organic fashion, trans-seasonal.

Buy locally-sourced for bulk buys.

Buying from locally sourced eco-friendly organic manufacturers and distributors for bulk buys helps sustain an industry that believes in green practices. Green only alternatives mean an assured low-carbon footprint for all.