Increased Consciousness = Increased Organic-ness

Sustainable Development ensures our future generation of the quality of life they deserve. We at VCI exports are playing our part in it by ensuring 100% GOTS certified Organic Clothing.

Skin is our largest organ, thus one should be conscious of what we are exposing to it.

But what exactly is Organic Clothing? Organic Cotton is an eco-friendly alternative to regular clothing which is created without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides, this is an alternative to non-organic synthetic clothing. Synthetic literally means artificial, which has a lot of negative consequences for our health and the environment.

Thus, one should be AWARE and ask the following question- DO WE WANT THE FUTURE OF FASHION TO BE PLASTIC?

With increased consciousness about well-being, nature, and our environment the future is shifting towards healthier safer options in all spheres of life. For example – The Organic Food Industry is expected to grow to Rs75000 crore by 2025.

So let us explore why one needs to choose organic textiles over non-organic textiles-

Organic textiles are

–         GOTS Certified ensures environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing

–         Putting the customers and their well-being first

–         Focus not on quantity but quality

–         Ethical Employment Standards and no labor exploitation

–         Fair Trade Policies

–         Rigorous Quality Control Checks

Thus, Organic makes one feel good inside out, in the 21st century with an increased focus on one’s well-being VCI exports are constantly upgrading by adopting a hi-tech and innovative method of manufacturing 100% organic apparel at the best prices and providing excellent services to our customers.

Living on this Earth interdependently one should be conscious of what they are adding to mother nature. To be aware is the need for the future. VCI exports manufacturing quality controlled organic fabrics are thus changing the narrative towards a more sustainable ethical and natural future.

Our Mission is to provide the best quality at the best prices thus, now it is your part to take action against the unfair practices against our environment.

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