Quality Control (QC) helps determine how well a business can retain customers. This fact necessitates that your clothing line always has the best pick of textiles.

Numerous domestic and international fashion houses look up to clothing manufacturers in India. They rely on Indian manufacturers for producing and manufacturing premium-grade cotton, organic textiles, and clothing that meets the following standards:

Fabric that is sustainably grown and organically treated

Non-organic cotton is produced with the help of artificial dyes and processing agents that tarnish the material’s longevity. This causes an unsafe working environment for the workers and robs the environment of its sanctity. The international standard for guaranteed-organic, ethically sourced cotton textiles GOTS ensures that products pass with a minimum of 70% organic cotton in their composition.

Fabric from the right source

Customers prefer to wear ethically sourced, sustainably grown cotton to become more aware of the cotton industry. Organically farmed cotton textiles are hands down one of the most suitable textiles for your clothing needs.

The organic textile manufacturers aspire for the GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Certification) stamp of approval so that customers can be sure about the sourcing and making of their clothing.

Fabric that is made available through fair-traded policies

As consumers are becoming socially aware and environmentally conscious, your clothing brand must lead by example. Fair-trade policies ensure that the price of the finished product compensates the manufacturers and the cotton producers. Given the ethical nature of the trade, the chances of customers paying exorbitant or hidden costs are less.

Fabric that’s passed through rigorous QC

Rigorous QC ensures that your products meet the high expectations set for your customers. Reports suggest that 90% of defects found in textiles are due to poor processing; processing becomes more difficult with non-organic cotton production.

On-time delivery and availability of quality textile clothing

On-time delivery is a basic necessity of every business. The organic cotton textile production method has fewer intermediaries and consists of a few dyeing and processing steps. This ensures that your products do not consume as much time and resources to meet consistent quality standards before delivery.


On the flip side, quality control of the product itself is of paramount importance for any enterprise. Therefore, if you want your textile brand to survive the competition, you need to source your clothing from GOTS certified organic cotton manufacturers such as VCI Exports. VCI Export is a leading and trusted provider of sustainable textiles. Rest assured, with their products; you can never really go wrong in your choices.