Cotton is considered the lifeblood of the textile industry. This natural, organic fiber is blended with other forms of fabric to create modern apparel and fashion. Consumers who are eager to invest in cotton textile, need to be wary of its origin.

Developing countries like Africa, India, and Uzbekistan still have unethical cotton plantation rackets with unsavory and underpaid working conditions for human resources. Thus, to ensure the tradition of quality, organic cotton textiles is not lost, it’s always best to turn to organic clothing manufacturers for authentic cotton threads.

Why buy cotton from 100% organic clothing manufacturers?

Organic cotton is essentially sustainably grown cotton; this term refers to cotton which has been grown without the use of artificial methods and ingredients. This ensures the practice of growing cotton is 100% natural and organic.

As an added benefit, the sustainable cotton manufacturers offer an ethically modeled employment opportunity to human resources.

The cotton produced in this manner offers:

  1. A greater lifespan is given the lack of chemical additives
  2. The lack of artificial additives easily mitigates the impact on natural resources
  3. It creates a safer environment for workers.
  4. Streamlined in ethical fair-trade with organic textile manufacturers

Cotton plantations require highly scalable conditions for a bountiful harvest. As a result, the unethical cotton plantations use genetically modified seeds, brutish irrigation techniques, and, undeniably, underpaid labour.

Sadly, these practices are highly prevalent across the globe and such unscrupulous landowners take undue advantage of the worldwide demand for cotton. This shows the unending need to procure ethically sourced, organic cotton to fuel this cloth industry.

The Global Organic Textile Standard has become the statute for certifying quality organic cotton for the clothing manufacturers in India, and beyond.

GOTS certification – paving the way for sustainable and ethical clothing manufacturers
GOTS aims to make organic cotton one of the only legitimate choices for textile manufacturers and consumers worldwide. Surveys conducted by the GOTS teams in Germany, the USA, India, and Italy have created an awareness among contemporary buyers, helping them understand more about the origin and processing quality of cotton goods. Hence, the growing popularity of sustainable and ethical clothing manufacturers.


Before purchasing cotton products, you need to ensure you are paying for ethically sourced goods. You can search for GOTS certification on a manufacturer’s website.

VCI Exports as an enterprise holistically abides by the sustainable fibre textile trade. It is one of the many GOTS certified organic cotton manufacturers based out of India. For the best quality material, you can refer to their products.