With the growing awareness for the concern of the environment and need for saving the Mother Earth for our future generations, VCI thought of changing ourselves. We may not bring a revolution but can contribute our bit.

In the textile industry during production the clothes we wear pass through the various processes and chemical operations. This causes environmental problems unless they are treated well before disposal.

Owing to these severe ecological impacts, the textile industry in India is counted amongst the heavily polluted industries.

India is the second-largest in population. The demand for textiles is huge and growing at an accelerating speed. As far as the economy is concerned over 45million people in our country are directly employed by this industry.

Since ancient times, Indian culture has believed in sustainable clothing, now the world is also acknowledging it. We as an apparel manufacturing company envision a future with high demand for GOTS Certified Garments. So the vision of a future worth living provoked us to go for 100% organic manufacturing industry. We want to create planet friendly clothing.

We have GOTS certification which restricts the use of hazardous materials and process towards textile & clothing manufacturing.

As the GOTS standards ensure strict environmental and social criteria in the processing, manufacturing, and labeling of textiles from certified organic fibres. GOTS logo is recognised worldwide, always look for the GOTS label to have complete peace of mind that what they are buying is truly organic, and sustainably and ethically made from field to finished product.

We at VCI Exports are continuously working on making our textiles even more environmentally and socially compatible.